Kittens by Dean Koontz.
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Author Biography:
Dean Ray Koontz was born on July 9,1945 in Everett, Pennsylvania. His father was abusive and would just have violent outburst sometimes. Koontz mother was almost always ill. Being an only child, Koontz had to find was to escape from the situation he was in. He spend most of his time reading or writing because the stories and worlds in the books were better than the one lived in. Koontz's parents discouraged his reading and writing. This did not discourage him one bit.
At a young age, about eight, he started to write short stories and sell them to his relatives and other people. They usually only cost a nickel. The whole idea he had on his writings was that he could help other children who were in the same situation by giving them an escape. Koontz, at the age of twelve, won a nationwide newspaper essay competition. He wrote about "What being an American means to me". After great success with he essay Dean Koontz realized that he was very good at writing and that he should charge more for his works. Wining that prize gave Dean Koontz more of a push in him pursuing his writing career.
Koontz went to Shippensburg State College. By his last year in college he won a fiction competition. This pretty much sealed the deal on his future career. A little later he sold his short story "Kittens" (the story I read).

After college Koontz got a job dealing with tutoring and counseling underprivileged kids. The program he was working under was called Appalachian Poverty Program. There was a slight flaw in this program though. The children did not want to learn and the previous person actually ended up in the hospital for several weeks. Every day was a constant struggle between Koontz and the kids, but this motivated him more. He became a teacher. Then his wife, Gerda, told him that he would write his stories for five year, and if he hadn't made it as a writer he would have to a job. Dean Koontz used all of his five years to publish, "Unseen Warriors" (Worlds of Tomorrow1970) and novels like "The Haunted Earth" (Lancer Books, 1970) and "Demon Child" (Lancer Books, 1971). By the end of the five years Gerda quite her job to help her husbands growing career.

I did "Kittens" by Dean Koontz.
Setting:About present time, maybe earlier in the 1900s. The story takes place on a family farm. It is about June, or right after school ends for Marnie.

Character description: Marnie- A little girl who is in her first year of school. She loves her cat Pinkie, and she can't wait until her cat has her litter in about a month. She lives on a farm with her mom, dad, and baby twin siblings. She is a Christian.
Walt- Marnie's dad. He is a pastor at the local church. He is very strict, abusive, a liar, and violent. Has a secret he shares with his wife.
Mother- Marnie's mom. She acts oblivious when Marnie asks her questions about the kittens. Just gave birth to her twin "angels" around March.
Twins- Marnie's three month old siblings.

Plot summary: Marnie loves kittens and can't wait till her cat has kittens because last year "God" took them up to heaven with him. She discovers that her dad is the person who is acctually taking the kittens... and killing them. After Marnie watches her dad drown the kittens she seeks revenge on her parents. When she is done all her mom can utter out is "Walt! My Good God, Walt…” (Koontz 15)
Climax: It is a Man vs. Man conflict. Marnie and her dad struggle with each other almost daily over the kittens and if what "God" did was right or not. Her dad argues with her and eventually hits her! When Marnie watches her dad kill the kittens she is pushed over the edge.

The conflict: The conflict, I think, was man vs man or it could be man vs. God from Marnie's point of view. Marnie and her parents fought so that would be the man vs. man. But how Marnie saw it she was acctually trying to get even with God because her parents said that God had taken the kittens from her. So in the end Marnie does get even with both in a way.

This was a pretty interesting book. I liked how it started out normal and happy, but then towards the end got twisted. You can just sit back and watch the story unfold. It was also a good story to read because it was so short. You should definitely read this book because the end is very shocking!!!

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